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New Website Tour

Join us in this webinar to learn more about our new website. We will show you the new structure and important features.

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Social Trading Webinar

Although it has now been around for a while, the idea of Social Trading is still a relatively new one for many investors. In this webinar, David will explain how Social Trading could be a useful addition to your regular approach to the financial markets – as well as what pitfalls investors should watch out for. David will take a further look at some of the ayondo Top Traders and their techniques – and the ways we can use this information to try and profit in the markets.

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Market Outlook

Join David Jones for his 30-minute outlook on which markets to watch in the weeks ahead. This will include identifying trends and big levels across a wide range of indices, including forex and the commodity markets. David will be using charts and technical analysis to try and spot where the opportunities may be, and what indicators to watch out for as a warning that major trends may be changing.

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